Outcome of Coordinated Pap Smear Screening

(CO-PAPS) Program


Wiroj Wannapira1, Sunanta  Pakdeumnat2  , Nipat Kittimanon2, Patipim U-kong2, Pullop Pongsutirak3, Suchart  Pornjaroenpong4, Kittiya  Vijitpeung 5

1 Departmnet of Community, Family and Occupational Medicine, Naresuan University     2 Departmnet of Family Medicine, Buddhachinnaraj Hospital, Phisanulok    3 Departmnet of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Buddhachinnaraj Hospital, Phisanulok    4 Departmnet of Clinical Pathology, Buddhachinnaraj Hospital, Phisanulok   5 District Health Center

This action research was  aimed to evaluate the outcome of Coordinated Pap Smear Screening (CO-PAPS) Program, which carried out in 25 primary care units and divided into 4 main steps : 1) setting up practical effective screening and treatment system  2) training community health care providers 3) employing tailored made screening strategy for each setting context, and 4) mobilizing community participation and setting up anti-cancer club. The progress of screening program were collected and examined periodically. After CO-PAPS  program was implemented since 2003 , health personnel’s self assessment : knowledge, skills, and self confidence were remarkably increased  to 81.2, 72.9 and 79.3 % respectively  Tailored made strategies in communities were also developed and  made 4 different services : 1)  mobile program 2) zoning or pooling program  3) motivated program  4) combined strategies. Four active anti-cancer clubs were founded with more to came. The coverage  was  up to 64.6% in2005.  The prevalence of precancerous, carcinoma in situ and early invasive lesions were 0.26, 0.23 and 0.03 respectively and 92.1 per cent were successively referred and treated.

Key words :  cervical cancer screening, coordinated program, primary care unit

From : BUDDHACHINARAJ MEDICAL JOURNAL,Volume 23 No. 2 May-August 2006,page 164-175

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