Living Language Club

Living Language Club always welcome . The place to learn language an culture in slogan “ Open your mouth, Open your mind ”   W hy LLC ? Living  Languages – So many languages you could learn. Language is flexible and change through time or situations. No matter how it would be changed, you carry your language skill with you all the time and perhaps, for lifetime. “ You need to communicate. ”    W hat can you do ? Speak Out! -    This is the place to express your mind, your words of mouth in different languages. We do listen. -   Why we do listen? it’s because you are the part of us who would grow together. -  Speak What language? – Now we are opened for Chinese, Japanese, French and English.   ** & Hey NO WORRY About your grammar! Speak First, then fix it later, OK ? **   S haring! -   Share what? Opinions, Experiences, Kindness and love among friends . -    Learning languages is just like culture exchange. There are so much more to explore and you would be surprise with new things that you’ve never seen!     S ome New Friends! -      Be coming the community @ LLC. Here, you make new friend in Thammasat including exchange students. -    You could  teach them your native language in return. -    A true friendship could happen here @ LLC anytime.   S teering forward -          Variety of activities! They are for everything to join. -          Steer to which way? We would improve our speaking together . ( as speaking is the most essential you need in your daily life )   W hat you do need to do?           Just join us by enrollment for your prefer language. Checking the time and schedule as follow.                                                 T he Schedule           Monday –    Chinese           Tuesday _    English and French           Thursday _   Japanese                     Saturday ( bi-weekly) : special activities outside the class, e.g. a trip or a picnic day ” If you interest to enjoy with me in living Language Club (LLC) you can call me  "IN " in my phone number 08-13063494  in charge of Public Relation and servicing all the time and hope to see you in class at 16.00-18.00 am. in room 102 of Political Science building in Thammasat University

and our e-mail: [email protected]