Christmas Day สำคัญไฉน

Jingle bells, jingle bells
  God of love        Chirstmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. His mother was Mary and his father was Joseph. Before Jesus was born.. An angle came to Mary and told her that God has been kind to her because she was a simple good – hearted lady, and gave her son named Jesus who will be a great God. Soon, Mary and Joseph were married. Joseph was a carpenter and he made lots of wooden toys for baby. Mary sewed clothes and blankets for the baby. Then it was time for Jesus to be born. Joseph and Mary left their Nazareath home to Bethlehem town where they were going to pay taxes. But the hotels were full. Mary and Joseph stayed in the barn where animals live. Mary gave birth to Jesus is the son of God. The  shepherds who fed sheep saw a bright light in the sky. An angle came to them and told them that Jesus who will be God was born. They was happy and they went to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus and brought gifts for God. When the people saw, they were filled with joy how that Jesus their Savior was born. Jesus Christ is God of love.

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