Warm Winter (2016) Down-under

Warm Winter (2016) Down-under

We could blame it on the climate change (as a result of we -human of the world- burning coal and gas well beyond the world's capacity to absorb CO2; and we are still carrying on), this Winter is wet, warm, cold and dry -very variable and not a usual Winter we used to know-. We can see (from news and reports) that the whole world weathers and seasons are unpredictable or at best "late" than expected. Wildlife too get confused by these variations. We still have many lorikeets, wild wood ducks, water dragons and odd snakes about in mid July (mid Winter).

Our peach trees put on flowers show too early (well before Spring - usually mid August or eraly September).

Our mango trees too went into blooms a couple weeks earlier (their usual blossoming time is August.)

A little (2-3 years old) needle pine shows its blossoms far too early for its age (usually 6-8 years old and over).

The little town near where live, put on a Winter farewell festival in the main street. This is on time as scheduled - rain-or-shine- the festival is on the last Sunday of July. It has been running for 20 years now. Each year some 50,000 people come to enjoy the event.

<p “=”“>A stall is using a solar panel to power its lighting - a change from webs of power extension cords (dangerous and accidental tripping). Some of us may remember the old (gas stone+water or aluminium+vinegar) gas lamps used some 40 years ago at ‘wat-fairs’ ;-)

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