151010-3 Broad & wide / Broadcast & broadcasted See Revised block #620612990


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May I add a few words just to keep readers on the move ;-)

World Wide Web, Country wide/Nation wide/industry wide, whole wide world, far and wide, wide angle, wide-area network (WAN), wide-eyed, wide-cut, widely,...

broadside, keyboard, board game, board (of directors) of an organization, full board, ...

With great pleasure and appreciates yr effort to fill in.

I am trying to work fast in order to finish as much as possible before anything should interrupt.

Still a long way to go and a lot more planned.

Please don't over-exert yourself. As the saying (about a turtle and a hare) goes "slowly but surely" - it is better to go to the finish rather than to rush and fail to finish or to come back to redo.

Take care!

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