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For the last 20 years we have been putting food and water out for ‘migratory’ birds from drier inland areas. In winters, they move East towards the coast. It has been our regular ‘daily event’ except on rainy days. And now in Spring...

Many kinds of birds (local and migratory) visit our place. We set up an observatory (our setup: 1 Android mobile phone with an IP camera app to stream video via Wi-Fi to a laptop running VLC - an excellent and free video player software). The phone/camera is on the right.

With this set up, we get pictures of (wild) doves (below)

A pair of galahs (slight grey with pink neck and breast feathers);

But sometimes some rainbow lorikeets surprise us by lining up to feed from our hand. Such rare moments are really memorable. Somehow, we feel we have a rare gift from them. This is a gift of 'trust' -- much more valuable than'things'.

There is also a (same) gift from 2 local butcher birds. One in the picture below we call 'Mr Butch'.

And a male king parrot (below).

We are quite 'rich' with so much 'gift' given to us, even when our bank accounts show only 3 digits before the decimal point. ;-) The land and our plants will keep us going for a while yet. But a bad 'el nino' is coming...

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Absolutely วิชญธรรม: But many people have problems telling 'what are best things in life'. Many people cheat, corrupt even kill for money -- their best thing in life?.

I feel that I have a great privilege to have experienced 'trust' from other species. The experience is captured in a picture and told (or shared) here but is not 'held' on.

I let it go -- the moment is past!


That's right. let it go..... let it be.... Keep on going ..... Cheers :)


น่าตื่นเต้นมากนะคะที่มีนกสวยๆ มาให้ดูถึงบ้าน และได้ป้อนอาหารเขาด้วย


นกบ้านอย่าง นกกระจอก นกกางเขน เขายังไม่เคยให้เราเข้าใกล้เกิน 2 เมตรเลยค่ะ

ดิฉันวางอ่างน้ำไว้ในสนามค่ะ และเฝ้าดูพวกเขาผ่าน binocular ถ้าเห็นนกสวยๆ แวะมา

ต้นกล้วยข้างห้องอาหารบ้านดิฉันมี sunbird มากินน้ำหวานจากปลีกล้วย และส่งเสียงร้องใสแหลมไพเราะทุกวัน พอหยิบกล้อง เขาก็ไปแล้ว

หน้าบ้านมีกระติ๊ดขี้หมูมาเป็นฝูง กินดอกหญ้า แต่ไม่ยอมให้เราถ่ายรูปค่ะ

A gift of trust...จริงๆ ค่ะ สำหรับบ้านคุณ


How lovely !


They are lovely birds.

I love your Mr. Butch bird.


Thank you วิชญธรรม; We must go on but not dragging everything with us on the way ;-)

Dear nui: Is it not better -- not to trust human much where trust can be a BIG mistake? At our place, we have done this for many years (many generations of birds) and I don't think we are doing the right thing for these birds (they get used to us and may now rely on us for their daily survival). Perhaps your way of minimal interactions is better. I think นกกระติ๊ดขี้หมู are rice-growers' enemy (they eat young rice seeds but they are protected by law. Would you tell us (or show us a picture) of this 'sunbird'? What is the local Thai name?

Hi GD: Yes, he is a handsome bird. He is finding food to feed his partner back in the nest (hatching - sitting on eggs) too. He sings a lovely song (his 'hit' song for a season but not the same song as previous years). But he is a meat-eater (see the minced meat at bottom right of the picture?) and (seems to us) stakes a claim on our back yard as his territory. In doing so he drives away 1 kingfisher and 1 kookaburra (both are meat eaters). So a story (not really different from human stories) is unfolding in our back yard!

Hi ขจิต ฝอยทอง: for Mr Butch, meat speaks louder than words. We can go out and call him and talk to him but he won't stay long unless we have some pieces of food he can eat. But he has a responsibility to feed his family. So, he has no time for idle chats ;-)

* ธรรมชาติสวยงามและการแบ่งปันของเพื่อนร่วมโลกค่ะ

* ขอบคุณทึ่ไปให้กำลังใจค่ะ...


Thanks นงนาท สนธิสุวรรณ : Glad yoy enjoy the pics and I like what you do eventhough I am not a fan of SCB. Thailand can do with more of you ;-)





แม้กระทั่งบันทึกนี้ของ อาจารย์



Thank you แสงแห่งความดี... : for your kind words.

We can learn a lot about Nature. Life and Ourselves from just watching birds in our back yard ;-)