At Home This Winter

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At Home This Winter

Winter in Dreamland comes 'officially' on 1 June and leaves on 30 August - to make way for Spring. But lately 'flexi-time' seems to be in practice - a lot. We have very wide variations in temperature from -6C to over 35C in parts of Dreamland. Where we live, it is not that extreme. We only see it goes down to 3C at night and up to around 25C at day (mostly 10C-24C).

Down the jetty at the front dam looking over to see (small) native wattle trees in flowers (the yellow tops) - wattles usually flower in Spring.

A milkweed (bishop's ball) with (inedible) fruits - in front of yellowing (diyng) bananas.

The jacaranda (ศรีตรัง) is losing leaves as it prepares for the full tree of purple flowers show in Spring.

Same place same trees in Spring (this picture is a few Springs ago)

A spider web in a kei apple tree. (Kei apples are native of south-east Africa; a long story how they come to grow on our place ;-)

Native cruxific orchids (some with pink and some with yellow flower heads) rising above dry grass. Winter is not kind to C4 plants. The green tree leaves belong to a native Australian mahogany tree - evergreen Winter or not.

Our world is changing every day. We will live well if we "stop, look, muse and enjoy".

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Hallo,sr...I.want to next..??..Es ist so schöne...


Hi nui: Yes, we do like it here. Though the real things may not look as good as in pictures (we choose the best looking sides to show ;-). We have a few more jacaranda trees around and a row lining our road-front boundary. We are waiting for them to open their exhibition. Maybe this Spring they will. Our jacarandas come from seeds we collected from a town (called Glen Innes in New South Wales). Where they came from we don't know.

I would suggest heavy pruning 'next winter' even cut the main trunk leaving only 1.5-2.0m above ground. Don't worry, reducing the top load will make it stronger against winds, with some watering and a bit of fertilizers, it will grow new branches and more flowers next time.

Thanks GD: Yes, we understand and have experienced droughts (another name for Dreamland is the Sun-burnt country ;-) This year so far we are lucky we missed 2 cyclones and had good rains from both cyclones, we also missed floods, so get to keep our top soils - touch woods. It is quite bad as I read about Thailand droughts. I hope the rains are moving with the moonsoons now. We really need water management that is capable in floods and in droughts.

Danke Yaitee: Bitte schön! Spring time is good time to travel in AUS if you like flora and fauna - there are shops and 'tourists attractions' everywhere (but we don't usually go in so we can't tell if they are good or so-and-so). It will be Autumn in Europe so it is an opposite time.


ชอบมากๆ ค่ะ ... สวยงามมากๆ ดัง... ภาพวาด ค่ะ ...

ที่บ้านเพชรบุรี กำลังจะไปปั่นจักรยานค่ะ


There are many trees. I love them.Thanks


Thanks Dr Ple: Love your biking gears! We have cross-country types of tracks at our place (heavy duty bikes are needed ;-) and riding on bumpy tracks makes our bums burning ;-)

Good on you! ขจิต ฝอยทอง: I have more trust in people who love trees (all plants and animals too). To me -- there are no other living things -- that are more friendly and helpful than plants (man is one of the most dangerous).


สวัสดีค่ะ คุณ sr..เมื่อไรมายุโรป อย่าลืมแวะมาเยี่ยม ยาย ธี นะ เจ้าคะ ..คุณ sr อยู่เมืองอะไรคะ..