Wet in the Wild

We see what dry times at my place in Deamland look like. No it is not  always like that.

After 2 days of storms and heavy rains. The skies opened up and let Sunshine in.

A tree has been struck down by lighning and a part of walkway washed out by rains.

Ummmh, the road was too soft for cars. I guessed we were bogged down. We couldn't get out of the place and no one could get in by car. It was another time to help ourselves the best we could.

Water, water flowing, washing top soils away. The water pump in the shed was under water. Besides, where could we pump the water to? (We ignored the idea of using boat propellers to push water down stream. ;-)

A lone roadwork crew inspecting and assessing alternative roadways.

A few days later, when we could get out, we tried to get some food supplies in town. What did we find?


In this rainbow [serpent] country, one learns to face changes and accept them as challenges. One grows stronger each passing change and learns more about survival and humanity. Nature is not at fault. Nature is what ii is --moving on-- keeping on with changing conditions. What we can build, Nature can wipe away. To build "lasting monuments of human achievements"?  We are kidding ourselves. Humanity is only a passer-by. Not even the Universal lasts forever!

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Is that the first time of flood in your place, khun sr? I appreciate your positive thinking; "One grows stronger each passing change and learns more about survival and humanity."

I realized your trouble during the suffering time for I met the same situation last September. We could not get out of the village by car for 16 days; afforded food and things needed in daily life from the district and province officers.

Hi...SR...I thought you might mention some of the more interesting wildlife encounters in dreamland ...But Rainbow Country, I heard it's the popular name of the North Channel area of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada...Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) kha...

Dear ไอดิน-กลิ่นไม้ : No, The pictures were from the last time 2 years ago. Every 5 or 6 years someone in the skies seems to turn the tap on full. We have learned a few tricks on to deal with water (over) supply (and it won't cost 0.35 trillion baht). And yes, it is nerve wrecking to fall into a position where we have to wait for help. When we have to consider breaking a siila (#1) for our own sake!

Hi ดร. พจนา แย้มนัยนา : I should ne more careful not to claim some rainbows too ;-) [Actually, I meant to say 'Rainbow Serpent Country' -- but shamefully hid the 'Serpent' to make it look more inviting -- who want to mingle with a snake?].

Well the wet seems bad for us and people but there are folks that love the wet. See below

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