Participatory action Research of Product Development , A case study: The Development of virgin Coconut Oil Product by the Women Groups of Au-Noi Herbal House, Parchuapkhirikhan Province.

ทรงพล คูณศรีสุข, นฤมล จียโชค, ทศพร ทองเที่ยง สุเมธ ท่านเจริญ

The development of virgin coconut oil products by the women groups of Au-Noi herbal house, Prachuakhirikhan Province is considered a participatory action research (PAR), a collaboration work between researchers and the community. This collaborative research and product development utilized SWOT analysis as a tool to recognize the PAR is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, leading to a better R&D and management.

The PAR showed that micron polyethylene filtering clothe reduced turbidity of the virgin coconut oil. Further, sodium chloride salt absorbs moisture from the coconut oil. This knowledge was adapted to the virgin oil production process, since it is rather cost effective and simple to operate. Once the coconut virgin oil product development succeeded, the benefit falls back to farmers and community.

จากการประชุมวิชาการ การบูรณาการเทคโนโลยี สังคมกับชุมชน คณะศิลปศาสตร์
King Mongkut’s university of technology Thonburi
September 22, 2006

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