Health-related Quality of Life of the 6th Year Medical Students: Compare between Community-based Hospital and University Hospital

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Background : In Khon Kaen University, the 6th year medical students are divided into 3 groups-the university (Srinagarind (S) ) and the community-based hospital (Khon Kaen (KK) and Supphasittiprasong (SS). In the community-based hospital students will gain more experiences but also more workloads.


Objective: To compare the health-related quality of life of the medical students in community-based and university hospital.

Participants and Methods : The 6th year medical students at S, KK and SS were enrolled. The quality of life questionnaires (SF-36) were completed at the end of training. The relevant information was compared.


Results: Ninety-eight percent of the students completed the questionnaire. The students at S had less overnight on call hours (33.5 hr/wk). The students at KK had least average sleeping hr/day (4.9) and leisure days/week (1.3). There was no difference in average working days/week. Most students unsatisfied their working hours and leisure days but  their health-related quality of life did not different in all dimensions. Mean role-physical scores of the students at KK (78.1) was higher than of the other  (S=69.2, SS=68.5) but did not have statistical significance (p=0.498)

Conclusion : Although medical students at community-based hospital seemed to have more workloads but overall health-related quality of life was not different.


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