My Tablet and I

# My Tablet is My Best Friend #

## My Tablet is multi-lingual. ##  
  We can talk in Thai, English, and other languages.
## My Tablet is multi-skilled. ##  
  I can listen to music and radio.  
  I can watch TV, video, news, and emergency warnings.
  I can connect to the Internet, email and chat and share pictures, songs, messages, and knowledge.  
  It can read e-books to me or tell me stories.
## My Tablet is not power-hungry. ##
  We can play for many many hours between battery charges.  
  My Tablet can be 90% charged in 2-3 hours or less.
  I can plug my Tablet in at Home, at School, at shops, in a car, in a bus, on a boat, on a train...  
  * My Tablet has and accepts standard charging connection and is happy with standard 5-15V 2-4A charging hubs. *
## My Tablet Helps Me Save Paper and Trees ##
  We can go places together without taking lots of paper books with us.  
  We can see the world, take pictures, record voices and even take videos what we see and hear.  
  We can share our learning with other friends on the same network and over the Internet.
  We can become world-wise by sharing our learning.

## My School works with my Tablet ##
  My School has
  * WiFi Access Points - I can connect to the world,
  * eLibrary - I can choose and read books any time,
  * eLessons - I can learn my subject any where any time,  
  * eHomework - I can do my homework and hand it in on my Tablet,
  * eTutors - I can ask questions and get answers any where,
  * Document and Application Servers - I can work with friends and teachers on group projects.
  * Remote Screen Sharing - I can share what on my Tablet screen and see what on other tablet screens.
  > We are proud to have have our learning recorded and shared with other children and schools worldwide for years and years to come.
## My Tablet is my Identity and my Personal Assistant ##
  We will share our secret.
  We will always be a Team.
  My Tablet may be my credit card, my identity card, my resume, my health profile, ... for the world.
  My Tablet can scan the Net for information for me while I sleep.
  My Tablet can remind me when it is time to see a doctor or time to take medicine or time for ...  
  My Tablet is just right for Me - tailored to fit Me.

## My Tablet Grows with Me ##
  My Tablet is my Best Friend.
  We will grow together, sharing and learning and becoming more skilled - better.
  We will help each other to update our capabilities and knowledge.
  We will update our memory, our programs and our ways of doing things.
  We will learn to use plug-in, WiFi and Bluetooth devices.
  We will grow stronger and smarter together.
  We will grow up, go out and save the world together.
  My Tablet and I.

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  • Khun Sr, your taplet seems benefits you so much as it is your best friend including being 1) multi-lingual, 2) multi-skilled, 3) not power-hungry, 4)  your identity and your personal assistant and 5) just right for you - tailored to fit you. Besides , it help you save papaer and trees, works with your school  and it grows with you.
  • Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article describing value of your tablet for yourself.

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