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For  the conversation between me  and  my  a student  Formerly .  nowaday She lived in Northwest suburbs of Chicago in Illinois state. At  America. But  I live in Thailand. 

I have the much more knowledge. I have knowledge From the conversation
as follows.

Palanya Tipmanee Kvorka  to  Say that.  

Sawasdee-ka, It is really nice to see you in here. I still remember you-ka. Palanya. Please let me know it is anything that I can help naka.

Uthai  Eksaphang  Asked.

Wow... Palanya Tipmanee Kvorka

Hey you and your family. This is news to see you. I see you on the picture of you.
I remember you. Can You Type in Thai Language.? I ask you first. Please tell me.

1. How many about the Buddhist people in America now ?.

2. Where is the city you live. How many Buddhist temples and monks.

3. What are the name of Buddhist temples In your city

4. who is the Buddhist people very famous in America .

5. What is time now in U.S.A. ?

Let your family happy.

Thank you.


Uthai Eksaphang

 Palanya Tipmanee Kvorka   Answered.

Sawasdee-ka. I am sorry I can't type in Thai. I live in American but I am totally THAI-ka. I live with my two sons and husband in the town names Park Ridge where is Northwest suburbs of Chicago in Illinois state. We have moved from Chicago since 2008. We got marriaged in Chicago 2001. I have been living here since April 1997.

Your question are not an easy to answer. Thai people in American live vary in town and city. I have contacted with Thai friends but most of them have moved to Thailand. None of Thai temple closed to us at all. I have to drive over an hour to go to good and decent Thai temple. I had gone to Thai temple in Chicago names Wat Prasirattana Sadsadaram long time ago. The leader was Laos and Combodia buddhists. They were nice and kind. They prayed in Comdodian and Lao.

 Hope I am able to answers your question. I have no idea how many Thai population in America or in my town. Thai Consulate will know all statistic and accurate info. By the way, my family are Christian. We go to church every Sunday. We pray often. My two years always said " God made and loves everyone". that how they believe. I still don't convert. I believe " I am happy what I have and love my life where I came from". I am still buddhist. Have a good day! Look forward to hear from you naka. Your boys are handsome and lovely.

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Good Idea .... Ka and Create Idea ... Ka

Thank you

      Hello  ...Dr. Ple

This is conversation about Religious beliefs. I Interest and Want to Knowledge.