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I'm here at MCU Wangnoi attending Training for Better Teaching using Blog and Youtube as an aided tool.  The first day involved how a 'great teacher' is supposed to look like.  What I learn is actually nothing new because I have had 30 years of experience working in business and government industries.  However, there were some tips that I feel it was quite important to realize why we, teachers, should hold - that is 'mind of giving'.  At some point in our profession, we tend to forget why we are what we are.  I believe having someone to remind us the purpose of our teaching - not just to educate those who need to be educated, but also look within ourselves how much and what we are willing to give.   I came into this teaching profession because I feel it's time to give and I still do wholeheartedly until today.  I volunteer teaching English to PhD candidates at MCU because I think graduates do need to communicate with others globally when they propagate Buddhism.  Students should not be limited to expose Buddhism only to Thai laypeople.  Instead, it is important that Buddhism can expand wide and high to everyone around the world.  And in order for them to do that, English becomes necessary for graduates to utilize when needed.  I don't believe this is only my goal to accomplish.  I hope all teachers at MCU will agree with me and make it mandatory that at doctoral level students should be able to communicate in English fluently.  Dhamma in English is what we need!


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