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Hello, everybody in gotoknow

First of all, let's me introduce myself, I' m Mr.Thanongsak  Jaisabai, an english teacher at Nakhon Phanom Buddhist College, and have been teaching english to the student of english program here.

And I would like to share the body of knowledge with everybody in here, that is what are principles of language learning? How and why should overall "principles" guide our teaching? Please share this question, too


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Ajarn Thanongsak,

My principle of language learning, particularly at MCU, aims towards the propagation of Buddhism. As I mentioned in my blog, I sacrifice my time and effort so that my students will be able to expose our religion worldwide. At this point in time, I'm still working with the majority of monks and nuns (more of monks) who have been trained strictly in Pali for years rather than academic education. Wish me luck!

The first , I would like say to you that Hello ! I am Dr. surapong Kongsat at Korat province. How are you ? after you had finished trianing about original teacher on 22-23 april 2011 , what did you do your duty So I am glad to meet you ( Mr. Thanongsak ) on gotoknow and I hope you will bring data about English to share on gotoknow to teach students at mcu university

thank you verymuch, see again

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