Pot Luck on Fri 14 Jul 06

              7 KMI lady staff enjoy "Pot Luck" lunch today.   We find luck in a pot!.  P'Ann, as a conductor, sets the purpose for everyone to speak up.  Speak anything you like.  No specific topic.  No force.  Only things from your heart to share by speaking up.

               This time P'Ann brings a pantomimes game to a shared point : guess what (like มาตามนัด).  It's called charades. Charades or charade is a word guessing game.

               We are divided into two teams of 4 each.  A player is selected a timekeeper and another a scorekeeper.

               A player from Team A draws a word slip and makes a review while the timekeeper notes the time.  The picker describes or "acts out"  without saying even a single syllable of the word while any player can guess what the phrase is within three minutes.  The one who can give the right answer brings a score to the team.  Then a player from Team B draws a phrase slip and acts like Team A.

              To act out a phrase, one usually starts by indicating what category the phrase is in, and how many words are in the phrase. From then on, the usual procedure is to act out the words one at a time (although not necessarily in the order that they appear in the phrase). In some cases, however, it may make more sense to try to act out the "entire concept" of the phrase at once.   Gestures and hand signals are sometimes needed.  The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party.

              Team A includes Aom, Ying, Noon and Jaja.  Team B's members are little Aor, charming Aor, Nui and Kab.  Team B is so generous to give the higher scores to Team A.

              It's fun@@@.

             Then, P'Ann gave another activity.  She asked everybody to write a sentence about her own story.  The first person tells the story of her own sentence.  The second tells the first person' story and her own too.  The third does the same.  So, the last person tells everybody' stoties including hers.  

                 You can imagine it is only one story from everybody's imagination.   I think it's important that everyone speaks up.

                 We have learned HOW TO communicate with others, give a hint or clue, guess, do public speaking, etc.

                 Our great story is
                 I am a big girl.
                 I've worked at KMI for two years and feel very happy.
                 I must change my life when I start working here.  I feel my life is beautiful.
                 I'm going to Nakornpathom tomorrow.
                 I come from Suratthani.
                 I will have dinner with my boyfriend.
                 I will go shopping at Siam Discovery this weekend.  Who'll go with me?
                 I went to the market yesterday.

                 Can you guess who creates which sentence?????

                 Hope the readers enjoy our Pot Luck and find your own Pot Luck phenomenon.