At the second class on June 23, 2006. Before we went forward to the chapter 2 we had a discussion more about the project management, talk back to the chapter 1 (Modern Project Management). That made us more clearly in the definition of project. We had to thinking the example of our project in real life and sharing the idea. From that we known some can not represent as a project, such as a routine work. The project must be a complex, non routine, one-time effort limited by the time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs. We go on the case (A Day in the Life) by present one by one, there is only one from six students thought different. He thought that Rachel did not spent her day effectively.

     Next we went through the chapter 2 (Organization Strategy and Project Selection). We started from thinking how the projects have been set up. They usually come from the strategy. Which need some things different from normal process, more performance, or to solve the problem. The project managers need to understand the strategic management process cause of the changing in the organization’s mission and strategy, the project managers must respond to changes with appropriate decisions about future projects and adjustments to current projects and the project managers who understand their organization’s strategy can become effective advocates of projects aligned with the firm’s mission. There are 4 activities of the strategic management process, as show
  1. Review and define the organizational mission.
  2. Set long-range goals and objectives.
  3. Analyze and formulate strategies to reach objectives.
  4. Implement strategies though projects.
    Ordinary Formulate says 20% of effort and Implement says 80% of effort.

     The problems of the project that often occurs are the implementation gap, organization politics, and resource conflicts and multitasking bring the project portfolio management system. That can help to select the project, links project selection to strategic metrics, allocates resources to project that align with strategic direction, etc. Portfolio of projects diversify in three type (may be differ in other books). First Compliance projects, second Strategic projects and the last Operational projects. A portfolio management system is the way to choose the projects to do or not. There are too many kind of systems each is use in different situations and methods. We also learn managing the portfolio system, senior management input and the priority team responsibilities. That is all of this class.