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What do Stateless or Nationality-less persons exactly mean??
What do Stateless or Nationality-less persons exactly mean??
This question was all the time come up on my mind when I first had a chance to be a part of the meeting of the Sub-committee on Children without Nationality (under the Senate Committee on Women, Children and the Aged by resolution 3/2545 on 20 March 2002) on the 1st of February 2006.
On that day I arrived the House of Parliament an hour and a half before a meeting time because I was so excited to have a special chance from Archan Well (Associate Professor Phunthip Kanchanachittra Saisoonthorn) to join and see how they held an official meeting with my own eyes. When the meeting had begun, they all talked about Statelessness and Nationalitylessness which I had no idea about these two words at all!!
If we talk about foreigners, everyone even 7-year-old kids will know and can tell what they are and how they are different from Thai people. But when we talk about stateless or nationality-less persons, I can say that ones who didn’t study in this kind of affairs before, they wouldn’t be able to answer what those persons are and what the difference between foreigners and stateless or nationality-less persons is.
I was one of those people who didn’t really have such knowledge. After the meeting, I felt really ashamed of myself. I was considered as a Political Science student from one of the best university in Thailand, but I didn’t know, the issue is so important that there has been the Sub-committee directly taking care of it. 
Days after days, I kept thinking and considering on this issue. As soon as I was graduated, I couldn't wait to go to Archan Well and told her what an important decision I have made. I told her that I had a really strong intention to work on this issue and I promised myself that I would study more and more in order to help those stateless and nationality-less persons, really!!

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