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Firstly, you should teach your Ss to know about the letters' sound that devided by Vowel sounds (V )and Consonant sounds (C). then practice them through games and worksheets dialy untill they are able to tell you all sounds. Secondly, begin with the short vowel sound in CVC form (bat, bed, bin, box, bug) and teach by pronouncing the word loundly then ask them about each word's sound. For example, bat -- /b/ + /ae/ + /t/ Thirdly, practice them to pronounce the word and devide the sound in the word, like the second step and continue your practicing untill your Ss can read fluencily. Lastly, if the Ss can read theword in the short vowel sound in CVC form fluencily, teach them with long vowel sounds. be success in your teaching soon!!