Easy easy to write English couplet .

Easy easy to write English couplet .

Last word rhyme with the first last word let .


Sripratum university let me know about e-learning .

I thank them for all and how I proud to be good at teaching .


More and more in learning and studying .

More and more gaining and good living .

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I try to write an easy English couplet .

Please check my English couplet and what I  get .


Sripratum University is a nearby academy of Sarawitthaya school .

We share how to know , how to learn and how to study and we feel cool .

IP: xxx.90.165.51

My son ,Mr. Sanmonchai , he tries to write the couplet for me .

H e tries and tries to use my  e - mail and try to mail me .


I do proud to thank all the staff of the Education of Ratchabhat University .

All of them let me have a blog to check my students'work in English couplet' ,my student feel so happy .


the only word I wanna say

That I will love you everyday

From : นายพงษ์พันธุ์ ภัทรสุวรรณ ม.6/2


Aaytime you have to go away

Please remember it is my longest day.

From : น.ส.สริษา อุตระ ม.6/2


when I was young there're so much to learn

but now I spend my time like the fire burn.

From: นายเอกธนิน ช่วงอรุณ ม.6/3


You said goodbye for me last year

But this year I have not more tears.

From: น.ส.ณัฐธิดา บุญยพุกกณะ ม.6/3

Kanyarat Rungchao 6/8 .. [ 2008 ]
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Couplet 1 :

Fly away, How long can I fly?

Run away, How far can I try?

........................................... *

Couplet 2 :

Run Run Run

The thief is running follow me

I can't even stop my step

And then I will climb to the tree.

จักรกริช พิณทอง ม.6/7 เลขที่2
IP: xxx.151.232.70

Want i want have everything

But that its in my dream

Want i want have everthing

But now have you and me