"Genius by Birth, Slacker by Choice"

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I got  "Genius by Birth, Slacker by Choice" from a t-shirt of a UNT freshman I met last week at UNT Sunday Fun day - basically this is an organized campus activity that good times & volunteer spirit can be had by all - students, parents, administrators, faculty & staff members, and alumni.

It just happens the cover story of TIME features this story:


The Genius Problem



 In essence, "We take for granted that those with IQs at least three standard deviations below the mean (those who score 55 or lower on IQ tests) require "special" education. But students with IQs that are at least three standard deviations above the mean (145 or higher) often have just as much trouble interacting with average kids and learning at an average pace. Shouldn't we do something special for them as well?"

In other words, the US government spent money money on kids who are slower to learn than kids who are born with bigger brains who in fact, also need special care. Some of them ended up being depressed and unhappy like other kids.

Like everything else, where goverment sectors slack off, and private sectors pick up. These genius kids are now under a special school funded by a billionaire philanthropist.

At least, this billionaire didn't sqaunder his billions in purchasing an England soccer team. 

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