Savannakhet Provincial(Xapone Inter-distric Hospital) :Laos (๑)

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Savannakhet Provincial(Xapone Inter-district Hospital):Laos (๑)

  Hosptial management and HA trianing for Savannakhet Provincial(Xapone Inter-district Hospital):Laos is now strart from 12 th to 15th January 2006 organize by HACC_KKU. (Picture fisrt visit on 1 Nov 2005 by Laos Team)

 The course will begin from the morning of Thursday 12th in 5th floor HACC_KKU ,on Friday 13th all prticipants will visit Ubonrat Community Hospital,host by Dr.Apisit and the last two day the participant will share there own experinced and the instructor will introduce "Knowkedge Management as a tool for sustianable development for Quality Hospital in Savannakhet Provincial (Xapone Inter-district Hospital).

Team of Administrators and Dortors from Laos PDR arrived at KhonKane Univeristy on Wednesday 11th.






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