New Normal - Health Questions

New Normal - Health (Sciences)

We are surrounded by stories about Covid-19 and viruses. What do we know about the 'basics' to understand these stories?

We have basic questions like: What is a virus? Is it a living thing or just a composite of genetic (DNA/RNA) materials? How do we kill a virus (or de-activate) them (to make vaccine)? And so on.

There are many valid answers to support that viruses are and are not living things. There are questions on how do we kill/deactivate viruses (if they are not alive). How do we heal ourselves of viral diseases? Can our body/immune system ever learn to kill/deactivate invading viruses? Do vaccines really help in Covid-19 cases?

We have other questions like: How PCR test (for Covid-19) work? Apparently PCR method starts with collecting a little amount of virus (in our throat and noses) and 'grow'(replicate) any possible virus to a million or more in amount then we detect the presence of (million) viruses. What do we do with the million times more virus copies that we have made? Don't they pose more risk to more people? What if strict procedures in PCR testing break down and billions of viruses released in the open environment?

We have now accepted the use of (rapid) 'antigen test' (kits) (ATK, RAT in Australia). How do we dispose of the billions of used kits? Together with many billions more of masks, protective clothing and equipment (in hospital and elsewhere), are they now a waste disposal crisis? Wouldn't burning them create another environmental crisis too? Irresponsible disposal could mean contaminating our environment and creating more risk to all - man and animal. What plans do we have in case of 'breaches' in our disposal control? (This links back to how do we kill viruses.)

What happens now if we have to go to a hospital (for some emergency incidents)? We have to be tested for Covid-19. All medical personnel must be tested Covid-free, ambulances, wards, the whole peripheral must be Covid-free. Our family and friends must Covid-free to visit any patient in hospitals. Supply and delivery personnel and all goods must be tested Covid-free. For Covid-19 patients, they would be confined to restricted areas and restricted behavior. ´Freedom´ and unethical behavior cannot be tolerated. Who would be our controller and savior? Security Guards?

Have we ever thought about 'nurses', 'aids' and security guards? Doctors are at risk in Covid-19 battles. Other medical staff are even at greater risk from both the virus and from over-work, stress and fatigue. Perhaps, we should now give them encouragement, appreciation and due respect. Money can help relieve some financial stress. Only courtesy can relieve them from stress at work. Businesses can support our medical personnel (a 10% discount won't break any business) in many ways. Shall we have a 'nurse salute' day?

We have only scratched the surface of new normal in health. We have realized that our knowledge of medical procedures and sciences behind them are totally inadequate. Who should be answering our questions, so that we don't get bombarded with misinformation? Can we also have the answers in 'plain language' so that we can understand both the needs and the reasons.

Say what you think. Ask what you want to know. Sharing curiosity is a great strength!

[The questions asked above are being researched around the world now. What answers will be we have to keep learning and thinking. I am not qualified to give any ´ṕroper answers´ and so I don´t.]

For these lorikeets, food and safety is Health - no questions asked.


Omicron symptoms: Omicron: runny nose, sore throat/cough; muscle ache/back pain; fatigue/being tired; unable to smell or taste.

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