Theory of the Heart, 6 Colors

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Theory of the Heart, 6 Colors

By…Uthai  Eksaphang

   If the human world has a heart in color The human world has 6 heart colors as follows :-

   1.Someone who has a pink heart means that  He is a  

    beautiful, loving and loving lover. He likes beautiful things.

    When he goes to various places, he likes to see beautiful


2.A person with a red heart means that  He is impatient. He is angry. He is mean He is a fighting man.

3. A person with a black heart  means  that  He is a lonely person. He is dull. He is sad He is a depressed person. He is not refreshing.

4. A person with a green heart means that He is an easy person to believe. He is easily fascinated. He is easily tricked.

5. A person with a white heart  means  that  He is a pure heart. He is like the truth. He is reasonable He is happy

6. A person with a yellow heart means that He has a fickle heart. He is hesitant. He is not sure. He is a distracted mind.

For what color do you like people? Please explain ...?

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