An integration of Educational Technologies to Develop Thai Reading Skills by Instructional Method Called “4MAT” for Third Grade Students

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The purpose of this research were to study the development in Thai reading skills by integrating educational technologies and instructional method called “4 MAT” for third grade students and to determine the satisfaction of students before and after using educational technologies and instructional method call “4 MAT”. Sample chosen for this study were 33 third grade students at the Ban Bo Phai School, Hua Hin District, Prachaub Khiri Khan Province. Tools used consisted of instructional materials which comply with 4MAT method, learning strategies, and achievement tests. Data were analyzed using means(X), standard deviation (S.D.) , differentiation test, as well as scores before and after the experiment using t-test. The results were that Thai reading skills after using educational technologies and 4MAT instructional method were different from Thai reading skill before the experiment at the significance of 0.1,which means students showed progress in Thai reading skills after the experiment. As for the satisfaction of students after using educational technologies and 4MAT instructional method, it was found that students were satisfied at a high level.

จากการประชุมวิชาการ การบูรณาการเทคโนโลยี สังคมกับชุมชน คณะศิลปศาสตร์
King Mongkut’s university of technology Thonburi
September 22, 2006

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