PISA 2015 report for Thailand

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PISA 2015 report for Thailand

The 2015 PISA report on education in comparison to countries in OECD is out (see
http://www.compareyourcountry.org/pisa/country/tha ) <<<===

Thailand education performance compared to the OECD average and medium term trends. It covers all the main PISA subject areas and a summary for the equity challenges the country might face. Scroll down for more detailed indicators and cross country comparisons.

We can compare Thailand performance with other countries by "add country" select box below the main (infographic) report.

Please see "Share of top performers" to see Thailand capacity for "understanding and using advanced maths and reasoning" and "Share of low performers" for Thailand capacity for same for most students (at large).

Down the bottom of the page, under "Further information" there are 2 links worth looking
PISA Governing Board
National Project Manager

We are capable of doing better than that and we must. Education is the basis for ‘dhammic’ advancement in social development and a much better basis for economic development (than corruption, opportunistic profiteering, fraud, corporate tactics,…). Equitty in education for children in different geographies, economies, and family circumstances is difficult but to achieve a difficult goal is a greater accomplishment.

Let us go for it Thai Teachers!

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