How to Make a Universe

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How to Make a Universe

Thank you. It is so incredible! Professor Einstein.
For your imagination and your relativity we now enshrine.
You said it is simple to make a universe 'out of thin air'.
Ja very thin, in facts, nothing but ee equals em cee square.

Oh! It takes a lot of ee for energy to make a bit of em - a speck of dust.
We've learned about atomic bombs in World War Two - absolute disgust.
Blasts flashed out. Lives burnt away. Buildings levelled to the ground.
Survivors emerged, dashed and sickened, bodies of radiated - mass compound.

We've learned the cee - the speed of light in tangled Space-Time.
And how we could deflect moving particles of mass - in or out of rhyme.
Every time we use energy, we release some entropy and make some mass.
The same relativity in reverse, the other side that it has.

We are destroying our world - it's stupidity - but don't be afraid.
We have know-how - a proven theory - to make a universe instead.
By conservation, entropy is energy, wastes - a source of fabrication.
Just press that button - Big Bang, before God - complete Re-creation!


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