At Home in Autumn 2

At Home in Autumn 2

[here are some more pics about where I live (and share with other live-forms). Seasons come and go, and have influences on lives. Plants are easier to note the changes, animals are harder to take pictures showing any change. But it the mindset that I try to show. Mindsets or view points change with seasons too. I hope we can all observe our own change with some reflections on our own experiences. Then we will see the richness of our lives and find happiness on oue own way.]

A walk track along a dam (on the left)

A flatweed with tiny(5-8 mm) yellow flowers on the ground covered by dry gum leaves.

The sky reflection gives colourful contrast to gum trees and water lilies.

A yellowing tamarind tree has felt the cold and is ready to let leaves "fall".

Makrut limes (collected to prevent outbreaks of fruit flies and piercing moths) waiting for "ideas".

[Ok, enough for this weekend. More to come ;-) though. Don't forget to ;-) ;-) ;-) to strangers -- too.]

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Good morning. ชอบมาก ๆค่ะ อ่านบันทึกคุณ เอสอาร์แล้วกลับมามองอาณาจักรของตนเองมากขึ้น ลึกซึ้งขึ้นแล้วก็ชื่นชมมากขึ้น ๆ รักมากขึ้น ๆค่ะ ท่วมท้นในใจบรรยายเป็นถ้อยคำยากค่ะ

Autumn in my Heart ...ชอบคำว่า Autumn ครับ เห็นรูปแล้วนึกว่า อยู่เมืองนอก เพราะบ้านเราไม่ค่อยเห็นต้นไม่สีเหลือง- ถ้าบ้านอยู่ใกล้ๆ ต้องขอมะกรูดไปทำลูกประคบครับ

Thanks GD: I didn't say anything about the temperature (here and now is around 12C at night and 26C at day) -- really nice and comfortable time to enjoy life. Because I read about hot, humid and stormy weathers in Thailand ;-). This could add the last straw (to break a camel's back ;-) .


And ทิมดาบ: you are welcome to come and get as many Makrut limes as I have. I have no real need for them to make 'herbal heat pads' or anything else. I had used Makrut limes (blended) for mossie repellent. On testing with an arm and a few mossies in blown up plastic bag, I found they worked well -- mossies didn't bite any Makrut lime areas but they chose to bite on unprotected areas on my arm. However, we don't have enough mossies to worry about making mosquito repellent.


ใบไม้ที่เริ่มเขียวผลิรับแสงแดดฝนในต้นฤดู ร้อน ในฮัมบอรก..

Thank you much ยายธี: So Spring has spung in the 1000+ years old city of Hamburg (where hamburgers come from?). Do you live in Hamburg? What does Hamburg means? ('something' hill/fort?) I wonder if there are "Roman relics/remains left in Hamburg.


Hi แสงแห่งความดี... : That what I aim to show that we can have a 'more livable environment' that is not built in concrete nor asphaltic tar. Please don't call me 'อาจารย์'. I am not teaching nor claiming to be an expert of anything. In fact I am a mere "learner" who has learned very little.

kind of disappointed not seeing your photo after 2 episodes of At Home in Autumn had gone by...hahaha

ชีวิตใกล้ชิดธรรมชาตินี่มีความสุขจริงๆ ค่ะ

Hi rojfitness: Yes I am autumn-ing too (or worse winter-ing down) and should show my change ;-). Next?


If you say so nui I look for peace and contentment, I find what I look for here but only for a superficial level. Deep down, lives still struggle, compete (and kill) for food and territory just as things are in most human habitats. Even money plays a few roles in 'paradise'. ;-)

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