Why do some people need Occupational Therapists

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Occupational Therapists are health professionals who are trained to assist people to overcome limitations caused by injury or illness, psychological or emotional difficulties, developmental delay or the effects of aging.  Their goal is to assist each individual to move from dependence to independence, maximising personal productivity, well being and quality of life.

Occupational Therapists are degree trained in the disciplines of:

  • Human Biology
  • Social and Behavioural Science
  • Occupational Science
  • Occupational Therapy, Theory and Practice
  • Communication and Management
  • Research

Infants and children.   Occupational Therapy promotes normal development and stimulates learning in children with specific learning disabilities, physical disabilities, delayed development, or those recovering from illness or injury.  Occupational Therapists work with children and their families to improve their quality of life by helping them to participate in play, pre-school, school and home activities.

Adolescents.   Occupational Therapy can help young people by facilitating personal growth to improve self-esteem and develop independent social and communication skills.   Teenagers with social and lifestyle problems, or disabilities resulting from an accident or disease can maximise their independence and quality of life into adulthood with the help of Occupational Therapy.

Adults and the elderly.   When an adult or elderly person is affected by an illness, accident or workplace injury, an Occupational Therapist can help on the road to recovery.  They may assist with return to home and work life through the development of new skills for normal daily living such as household tasks and personal care, return to work or leisure programs.   They may also make changes to the work or home environment to make life

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