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In the seminar class, My friend and I have an occasion to conference in pediatric by Dr. Kannika Permpoonpattana who is professor in Pediatric. I received a lot of knowledge and I think this knowledge has advantage for many people. So that,  I record this knowledge for readers. I hope the readers get to knowledge from my record.

What is the key mission of Occupational Therapy in Pediatric?

                The importance things for pediatric client are development disability. For the normal client, we should promote performance. And the abnormal client, we should rehab to near normal capacity.

How does the OT ensure Quality of intervention for Pediatric client?

                Improve performance of client to go to school in order to education, playing, and socialization is an importance. So that, occupational therapist should be create activity to improve performance for the children.

What are the strength, threats, and opportunity of Thai OT in Pediatric?

                StrengthThe activities for each client have to analysis,grading,and adaptation. And the another treatment such as equipment focus the real life of the client.

                Weakness – the occupational therapists of pediatric in Thailand are minimum to treat the pediatric client. In the future, we should produce more occupational therapist.

What are the strategies of Occupational Therapy in Pediatric?

                The client can perform the activity of daily living by him/herself. So that, therapist should be plan the treatment program with the client and the client family.

What have you learned about CMU-OT leading to build / create MU-OT?

                 The teaching of MU-OT and CMU-OT are similar but it’s have different. Because MU-OT is near the capital city and the center of hospital.

What do you want to see in the future?

In the future, I hope the occupational therapist created the activities to related the context, role, and environment for the each client .And a number of occupational therapist in Thailand have more than a present .In order to have occupational therapist in every hospital, school, community, and industry. Moreover, occupational therapists have role of preventable for family planning such as before pregnant, pregnant ,and after pregnant  until the six month.

AEC and Thai Occupational Therapy??

                The good things for exchange the experience for treatment but the Thai occupational therapist have a problem of English language.So that, we have to develop the capacity of communication of another language.

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