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Last Friday of year 2013,we had a great opportunity to join in Seminar topic “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY IN PEDIATRIC CLIENTS”by Dr. Kannika Permpoonpattana. It’s very special day because this is the final class of our Bachelor’s degree of Occupational Therapy. We grasped a lot of knowledge about OT in Children filed and the best memory with friends and teachers. This is the final class with happiness, so I would like to share ideas and experience from the seminar to all of you, today.  


What is the key mission of Occupational Therapy in Pediatric?

Pediatric Occupational Therapy right now, mainly works in the developmental disability, but for the future it should be work in all kind of children. In the normal child, should be concern the promotion. In the abnormal child, should be concern the rehabilitation. Right now, we have a small number of OT, but we hope that in the future it will be increase and can help the children and their family.


How does the OT ensure Quality of intervention for Pediatric client?

First of all, we have to assess the children. When we find the problem list from the assessment, we will set the goal and then have to make the appropriate intervention that fit to the children. Furthermore, the re-assessment is very important because it can predict the progression and the next appropriate intervention for the children.


What are the strength, threats, and opportunity of Thai OT in Pediatric?

Now a day, we have a small number of Thai Occupational therapists that led to the main cause of insufficient OT interventions.Thus, we hope that the new generation of OT will ensure quality and efficacy of the intervention for children and family. Furthermore, the families play important role in home, so we have to plan the goal setting with family to help the children when stay at home.


What are the strategies of Occupational Therapy in Pediatric?

The strategy of Occupational Therapy in Pediatric is the choosing Frame of reference, Model, and Theory. If we choose the appropriate choice that fit to the individual child, it will be the best things for the children and family. The Occupational therapists have to concern the holistic approach, seeing the entire real human, and grasp the experience to improve the skill.


What have you learned about CMU-OT leading to build / create MU-OT?

Occupational Therapy is the Natural neuroscience, so we have to learn everything from the real life of real human. Both teaching of CMU & MUare similarly, but the important things are the Application & Implementation to real clients.


What do you want to see in the future?

We need much more Occupational Therapistand can work in hospital, school, community, and work in Call center for family with special child. In the normal child, will concern about well-being via the Health Promotion & Prevention. For example, using Family Planer for new family. They have 3 stages of Family planer: 1st is before married, 2nd is before pregnant, 3rd is after delivered- first six months of children. Including, the research is very important.


On the issue of Thai community/society/culture that can use your OT professional skill are particularly interesting to you?

The Occupational therapists have to consider in context of clients, such as community, society, culture, and family and provide the appropriate intervention. The interventions have to consistent with the real life of clients. Because, the children have to back to home, to school, to community.


AEC and Thai Occupational Therapy??

The AEC opening is the great opportunity to work abroad, on the others hand it led to the high competition. So, we have to learn more and improve ourselves more all the time.


Special Thanks to

Dr. Supaluk Khemtong

Dr. Anuchart Kaunnin

Dr. Kannika Permpoonpattana


The study is the long journey, but it will be a beautiful journey if you do with your love,intention and attempt.This is the great opportunity to learn new things, to improve skill in Occupational Therapy for the all of clients.

Jib Patcharee


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