Dry Dreams

ติดตาม ผู้ติดตาม 

I have promised to post some pics of my place in Dreamland. But I have been finding excuses ... ;-)

Finally, I managed to reduce the size of some pics down (from megabytes to a few kilobytes) for the Internet (connection that I have). I do of think that good bloggers should ensure they don't hoard Internet bandwidth by posting --useless--(no information content); --large size--(megabytes); and ---selfie--(self-glorifying) pictures.

We know G2K had problems with real estate on the screen and solved the problems by using 'continuous page' that hogs connections. Now G2K seizes a picture if any and displays that on the first page as if to say --see I don't have real estate on the screen problems anymore, I can show pictures --big pictures--. (Well, pictures that say a thousabd words are fine with me. But some pictures ---yuck--!)

Now it is my turn to rubbish G2K pages, Enjoy if you can ;-)

Wild lorikeets taking advantage of our hospitality in dry times.

Our favourite resting place under a jacaranda (V) tree --in a drought--.

Our electricity supply comes in as Single Wire Earth-Return system (SWERS), this Spring (2013) it is so dry that the earth resistance was so high that there was often no return; extra deep (17+m) holes had to be  drilled to put in 1cm diameter copper wire to lower the earth resistance. The earth return system now works again giving cleaner and smoother electricity!). Note the tamarind tree with yellow leaves in the middle between workmen.

We have lot of dry wood - broken branches, dead trees and dry leaves for our fireplace and oven.

This was cooked on a steel plate (leaning against the oven) over the open fire.

And this was roasted in the woodfired oven (with that white door).


Our (not so wild) cockatoo enjoys an outing at the dam, watched by a horse nearby. The dam is drying fast. If we don't have good rains soon, we will have pictures of dry dams to show too ;-).

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Wow!!! (speechless)


Hi SR,

Thanks SR for sharing these pics. What a wonderful world :-)). Your dreamland with lots of friends to share and care, I can feel that. Umm ...love is in the air...I hum this tune :-)) .

To my surprise, SR I've never thought that Jacaranda and Tamarin tree can grow well in the land down under. Jacaranda, one of my favourite flower, just nice colour and shape. Although tamarin is a bit yellow indicates a dry weather, it may shred the leave soon I would have thought.

It's also amazing to see the way you cook using such an down to earth oven..in term of energy efficient oven. I bet the smell of roasted potato ?? must be really nice as well as yummy tasty "casserole" I guess..make me a bit hungry before my bed time... Bye...

Can't help ...this song come to my mind...I've a dream...(Abba)

(2.2 million million thanks SR....just kidding :-))


Hi ธวัชชัย : Yes, I know. There are moments and things that we should best watch and meditate rather than try to ummhh aahh our thoughts ;-)

Hello again KitaTanee : Thank you for your nice words. ศรีตรัง or jacaranda is a very hardy tree with a beautiful blooming period (we wait to see a carpet of purple flowers under the tree every year. Honey eaters, lorikeets (brids) and bees and other insects come to pick then drop the jacaranda flowers to get at the nectar.)

Yes, we can do a few things well without 'high tech' equipment. It is always my belief that we should try first with what we have before we say we can't because we don't have...( you know this and that...). Often, we can surprise ourselves that we can do things beyond our imagination.

Life is not just in consuming but in the making ;-) too.

By the way I looked up and concluded that เราต้องมี ดี (we need 'd' ;-)

Tamarind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) (from Arabic: تمر هندی‎, romanized tamar hindi, "Indian date") is a leguminous tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical ...

Tamarin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The tamarins are squirrel-sized New World monkeys from the family Callitrichidae in the genus Saguinus. They are closely related to the lion tamarins ...


Morning SR..(from the southern most province of Thailand)

Thanks SR...I'll me more careful with spelling. Tamarin without "d" instead of "tree" it turns the meaning to "monkey" I love them both though :-)) also happy to learn with you as well.


Dear KitaTanee: I was worried that you might have taken my observation on spelling badly. I thought of it and wished I had said nothing. But you forgave me. Thank you.

In the last 5 years I wanted to go South more than twice. Each time I was stopped by good friends and close family members. I said I wanted to go and look at life, culture, arts and people close-up before I die. They said good chance that i would be blown-up and die before I could see anything.

Sigh! Arguments from well wishers on one hand and 'in the final analysis' I would die before I could see the South in real life on the other hand --either by going or by not going. Sigh! Sigh!


That's heaven on earth! Many thanks for the wonderful scenery you've described so far. It's real. You're so lucky to be able to be in such a place and can still talk to the busy world. I love to have such a life!

Thank you so much for sharing. Hope there'll be a lot more.


Hi SR,

I wish you would have come to visit the South some day. I can take you there and have a look around if you like. By the way, I understand the point made by all your love ones regarding the unrest situation in the South. This remind me of my parents , they both worried when nasty things happened here. Sigh!! Sigh!! Although the risk involve is manageable and it's safe enough to live life happily. I still traveling around driving from place to place like locals here:-)).


Thanks โอ๋-อโณ : Yes I am lucky to be here. It is a half-way place between worlds for me. Living an watching seasons come and go in this place, I have learned a lot more about my real self and my real worlds. ;-)

Hi KitaTanee : Thank You! I am blown away by your kind offer. But I will have to take a rain check this time. Wait until I am back in Motherland and in your area, you may want to hide ;-)

Let me show a picture> I call it "Reach".

Two red-heads reach out for each other. (One is a female King parrot.)



Wow! with the last picture. I was once in the land of natural environment and was so amazed by the living style over there. We can sit by the river, among lots of birds and they didn't seem to notice that we're different creatures. We can share the whole world this way. I love that. So please keep them coming. It's so refreshing to see this kind of photos. Thank you heaps.


Hi จันทวรรณ : Yes. Lot of things are best experienced with our own senses. Pictures can say a few words. Sounds, smells, winds and temperature, ... many more dimensions combined together can grab us and hold us for eternity in a short moment in time. The world is so beautiful. And we are free to enjoy all we can experience.

Thanks โอ๋-อโณ : Moments like these (as in the picture 'Reach') are quite rare. It is really a privilege to gain trust and empathy from other creatures -- even for a fleeting moment. I have noted when I was waiting for medical advice (for an inflamed elbow) at a provincial hospital in the North. Many patients gave trust and absolute respect to nurses and doctors who treated them. They bent their back, lowered their head, answered questions promptly and softly humble voices and tones -- total submission! I remembered one doctor raised their voice and show displeasure that his patient did not seem to understand his question. The poor mother and her two your children probably know more about love and care for other people than about name of drug or its correct dosage for this treatment. I felt the pain and nearly lost control of my anger. I ended wishing that the doctor would speak more softly and would explain more and simply.

The mother was not deaf or hard of hearing. She dis not need loud voice in public place. She only needed care and understanding!

You see 'Reach' did not magically happen. It took tenderness and careful interactions between them. Each exercised their care and understanding a little bit at a time over several minutes. The bond once achieved had been long lasting over many seasons. Sadly, this Spring the King parrot did not return.