The Last Day of Suffering

Take your first step on the path to spiritual and physical wellness today. The Last Day of Suffering is a medically sound and spiritually based self-help guide that will show you how to keep your brain healthy and your mind happy. Written by Dr. Jinny Tavee, a neurologist with a special interest in complementary and alternative medicine, this book will provide you with details on how to use nutrition as therapy, design your own exercise program, practice meditation and other mind-body techniques, and find a sense of peace and happiness independent of your external circumstances. The books also includes real life patients' stories along with pearls of wisdom from her mother, a former Mahjong playing soccer mom who is now a Buddhist monk in Thailand. The result is a holistic approach to achieving your best health possible

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Dr. Jinny Tavee is conducting a study to see if meditation helps in dealing with pain, fatigue and the ability to do the activities of daily living in patients with multiple sclerosis and neuropathy.

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