Is Love a Leisure?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: When you love someone, would you expect loving for a leisure activity or loving for a true feeling?

This question is really difficult to answer...Your answer may vary depending on a temporal situation you are loving with.

Here I quote some information for your consideration krab.

In common use of love, as a caring love, refers to a mental or emotional state of predisposition in which one has an interest or concern for someone or something. To care for someone, may also refer to a disquieted state of mixed uncertainty, apprehension, and responsibility; or a cause for such anxiety.

Other examples: Friendship - favoured interpersonal associations or relationships. Union - dissolution of loving subject into loved object; a hyper-real state of creative generosity. Family - people related via common ancestry. And Bond - the inner connection when another person is a part of your identity.

You may have seen that love in the above aspects enable warm and nice relationships, which fit in various social leisure.

However, "true lovership" is much more complicated as seen in its definition below.

True love is popularly held to be the emotion of loving someone without restraint and without restriction. Usually, true love is described as love without condition, motive or attachment, loving someone just because they are themselves, not because of their actions or beliefs. People experiencing true love will often set aside their own well being for the safety and happiness of their love, even though their relationship may not be formalized or reciprocated. Often, this emotion is strong enough to even inspire acts of selfless courage, even those requiring the death of the person undertaking them.

Another similar term is unconditional love, though this term is more often used to describe an strong emotional bond between blood family and other relatives. True love, in contrast, usually refers to a strong love between lovers or spouses, though overt sexuality is not required.

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