There are many celebs in this-that celebration.

1. the differences between letter R and L (pronunciation).

2. review: Do you send the e-mail to him?

3. 4 kinds of Pronouns. (he,his, him,his-)

4. mosquito-es, celeb-s, celebrate-tion

5. this, that Ex. That girl is pretty.-That girl is pity.

6. the difference between pretty and pity.


8.It dangers to us. It's dangerous. It's a dangerous thing.

9. It takes times. It spends too much time.

10. Bi-, Tri-, Duo-, Dual-

11. Homo-, 

12. Semi-, Ann-, Enn-, Anaul, Annually, Semiannual

13. Once, twice, three times

14. 2-2 = two times

15. River-Liver

-Do you have River or Liver?

16. Today is Loy Krathong Festival.

-Today = เถอะเดย์

-Festival = เฟ้ส ติ เวิล

17. There is-are

- There are many celebs in this-that celebration.

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