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Fill big screens with rich, color-saturated 3 panel LCD video and XGA data images. Works on a 120V AC, 15 amp "household" circuit. Compatible with all major signal standards, it connects directly to most sources, including HDTV, DVD, and DVI. Power lens shift corrects for both pitch and yaw, and a range of optional lenses from 1:1 through 12:1 adjusts for varying width/throw needs.

  • 10,000 ANSI Lumens bright at 90% uniformity and a 1100:1 contrast ratio.
  • Native XGA. Compatible with UXGA through VGA. Video scaling
  • Works on 120V AC power (15 amp circuit). No special wiring required!
  • Projects images up to 40' wide (600" diagonal). (Supplied without lens.)
  • New 1-Touch Lens Installation system. Wide choice of lens available.
  • Improved Power Lens Shift. Lens can be shifted vertically and horizontally.
  • Compatible with most video signal Input, Including DVI, RGB, Y/C, DVD, HDTV
  • Displays video 4:3 & 16:9 in NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC 4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N
  • Improved progressive scan with HDTV at 1080i and 2-3 pulldown support.
  • 4 Input channels. Interchangeable input modules permit reconfiguration
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