New talents in Bantak hospital

Quality, Healthy, Humanity
                           In present situation, Bantak hospital meet new changes from customer requirements along to globalization, patient rights from common law, insufficiency budget from 30 Baht policy, Insufficiency staffs from Government Downsizing policy and The economic crisis in 1997. Bantak hospital must be survive and develop under insufficiency resources, so it must deliver the quality and efficiency services, low cost. The first thing to do is quality. John Ruskin said that Quality is never an accident , it is always the result of intelligent effort. Bantak Hospital director and his staffs must collect their wisdom, commitment to produce the way to quality improvement with simplicity, flexibility by using low budget high wisdom for improving hospital quality and Bantak population health status together. May be call good health at low cost. If focus on curation, it will be high risk, high cost because of using high technology and low touch but if focus on health promotion & Prevention, it will be low risk, low cost because it use low technology and high touch.                                So quality services and good health at low cost will be important that hospital staffs must integrate methods, tools, or quality management for improve quality and to be Health promoting hospital, If can produce new model for this thing. It will be useful for other hospital to receive Hospital accreditation and Health promoting hospital accreditation. Finally, it will be more useful for population.
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