After the 30 bath policy was implemented, Thai Public health care system was classified in 4 levels by Geographic information system depended on number of population in responsibility and length between district and province. 1.       Primary Care : Only Outpatients care        1.1 Primary Health center of village : Village Public  Health Volunteers  1:10 Household        1.2 Health center : Paramedical Workers ,Nurses        1.3 Primary Health Care Unit (PCU) : Upgrade HCC by Doctors or Nurses2.    Secondary care : 2.1GP, 2.2 Major specialists, 2.3 + Minor specialist(Community or General Hospital : 100,000 population)3.    Tertiary Care : Sub-specialists : Regional Hospital4.    Super-tertiary Care : Excellence Center                                Bantak hospital is classified to 2.1 secondary care level now. It’s philosophy is Community Hospital, For Community, For Healthy. It’s mission is to deliver Comprehensive  &  Holistic care for Healthy Community and the vision is “Safety Hospital , Quality Care, High performance Teamwork  and  Community participation ” The present director (Dr. Phichet Banyati, in this position since 1997) set the core policy for hospital administration called 4 C policy : Clean , Care , Cooperation , Community. Bantak hospital organization chart is divided to 3 Clusters and 6 Departments, the first cluster is Directing compound 2 departments : Administrative, Development& Strategic, the second is Nursing compound 1 department : Nursing, the third is services compound 3 departments : Medical service, Technical service, Family & Community service.