Health services in Bantak district have public and private sector as

1.       Public Sector                

1.1  Primary care : Only outpatients                                

-  Primary Health center of village : 78 PHCV                                   

-  Health  center : 15 HC                                  

-  Primary Health care unit (PCU) : 3 PCU                

1.2  Secondary care : 2.1 GP : 5 Doctors (Include Director)

2.       Private Sector                

2.1  Drug Store : Phamacy 2 , 1 No-phamacy                

2.2  Paramedical or Nursing Clinic                

2.3  Doctor’s Clinic : 4 Clinics : part time                                

                    The most of people receive health services from public sector. Public Health service management in Bantak district has 2 part of commander that difference by authority. The Health center command by Chief of Bantak District Health Officer but the staffs of hospital command by hospital director, so Thai MoPH  estrablished The District Health Coordination Committee(DHCC) to make the smooth working and coordinating in District Health service management. The chairman of this committee may come from hospital director or Chief of District Health Officer or change in each year. After implementation of 30 Baht Policy, the budget of hospital and Health center was included together and sent to the hospital as the main contractor and the Health centers are the subcontractor. So almost of districts, The chairman of District Health Coordination Committee usually come from hospital director. In Bantak District, The chairman of DHCC is hospital director.