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Our country, the collapse and Hope

23 October 2009

Today is the first time that I try to write a blog in english language. I feel very nervous about our country. How about the destiny of Thailand will occur in the next year and the year after the next year.  Actually, today is the day which is the official vacation day of Thailand, but I can not stop working.  It is the day to regard to the ancient great king of Thailand, King Rama V or King Chulalongkorn. I do not know  how he feel, if he see the situation in Thailand now.    As an academic I would like to use my knowledge  to solve  the problems of our countries  as much as I can. But  I find that there are many probolems in Thailand and they  are too complex and more difficult than a person can solve all of it. I think  that we the Thai people should join hands together and built our nation with our hands. We should not fight each other anymore. We should not let someone seperate us. I think that Thailand is so weak now. We have no dignity, we can not be proud in our country. We can not compare  ourself with our neighbour countries.    

I see the news in Thai newspaper and I feel very angry  about the something that the Cambodia prime minister answer Thai Prime Minister. 

In fact, Mr. Thaksin is the Thai prisoner according to Thai law. And Mr. Hunsen (Cambodia prime minister) assigned the  Thai male prisoner Thaksin to be an economic advisor. Although Mr. Hunsen can argue that Mr. Thaksin was token out from the position  by illegal method [Coup d' 'etat]  so he can deems that the  Thai male prisoner Thaksin  is the legistimate leader of Thailand, but now the Cambodia has recognized   the new Thai government. That means the Cambodia government  has no doubt accepted the position of the present Thai government and the new Thai prime minister. And the Cambodia government can not recognized the  Thai male prisoner Thaksin  as Thai prime minister as well.

Moreover, I think that the person who has ever been the former prime minister of one country can not be the advisor of any other country  because he or she knew the insider information about  his  or her homeland country, so he or she can take benefit  from the insider information. And we can deem that he or she in breach the duty of fiduciary ( Good faith, BONE FIDE) to his or her home land, if he or she accept to be the advisor of other country. At the same time, we may call them as a treson.

I really do not understand why some body still love the person who always take advantage from the seperation of our country. I do not understand why we still believe in the person who always tell a lie. And, why we need to fight each other without concerning about the danger from our neighbour country.

[All thing that I wrote is my opinion. It is not the fact. So, somebody may be disagree with me. But I will not have a debate with them]


As we known from the history of many nations. The nation is not belong to only someone or some family or some group. It is belong to all citizen. Every country has a hard time  and if it can pass this period. That country will be more stronger and stronger.  For example  Frence, USA, UK  Japan, Chaina, Germany, South Korea and Vietnam have ever pass the hard time. And the hard time can be deemed as a medicine to care for the patient.  Sometime we need to be tolerant untill we can pass the hard time. And we will stand strong again.  When we look back to analyze Thai's history, we will find that every crisis of our society come from the seperation of our people in Thai society such as the collapse of the kingdom of Ayudhaya. Two times of the lose of Ayudhaya come from the seperation of the elite, who have a power, of Ayudhaya. Now it was changed. The power is not in the hand of the king anymore. The power was turned to the politician. Although,Thai law provide that the sovereignty is belong to all of Thai citizen, we still have no chance to use it. And now the seperation of the politician is very high. The politicial situation is not stable. It can lead to the collapse of Thai society again.

All in all,  I  really cannot predict the Thailand's future destiny. But  I think that the seperation in Thai society in this time will  go on untill we are all weak and  all of us lose.  And we know that we can stay together  with respect to the defference of each other. Now, I recommen that we  should  strengthen  the population sector  or the community sector in Thai society by educating them and let them know everything without distorted information.    Moreover, we need to work hard and join hand together to reconstruct our nation again. 


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Sorry for not writing in Thai language. Infact, it is not the academic work. And it consists of many worng word and grammar. It is just the writing that I try to shout something from my heart to anybody about Thailand. In my opinion Thailand will be better after people [all of us] and the new generations like you have known the lessons from this crisis . Therefore, all of us try to recover them[problems of our country]. I think that every developed country around us need to learn something from the collapse or the lose of their nation. And they can stand strong again. Actually, I got the root of this idea from Dr. Thapanan Niphitthakul. He told me about the lessons which Thai people need to know and moreover, we need to understand it before we can improve our country to be a complete democracy society. Thak you very much krub  for your attention.

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