Welcome back, Palm OS!!??

On PDA market, most popular OS is Palm, Pocket PC and Symbian. Many people said Palm is dead? But now Palm just lunch new release of OS. However I think Palm is not leader in market. Do you think Palm will comeback?

Palm OS Cobalt As a next generation mobile operating system, Palm OS Cobalt delivers a host of new features to licensees and developers, creating new opportunities in demanding segments such as enterprise, multimedia, and communications. Palm OS Cobalt is a complete rewrite of Palm OS resulting in a new OS architecture, providing a platform for developers that enables them to reduce their development cycles as well as deliver new and innovative products to our mutual customers. While providing major advancements for the platform, PalmSource was careful to maintain support for PACE (Portable Applications Compatibility Environment) ensuring that 68K-based applications will continue to run and thrive on Palm OS Cobalt.

Palm OS Garnet Uniting code bases of Palm OS 5.2 and 5.3 and by adding some enhancements, Palm OS Garnet is a unified release for Palm OS 5.x that supports 7 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese) and offers support for multiple display configurations (including 160 x 220 resolution and Quarter VGA) for mobile phone-based products. Palm OS Garnet also introduces a new Bluetooth™ Connection Manager with integrated Bluetooth profiles. Rounding out the release is a set of bug fixes based upon developer requests.

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Palm OS Cobalt
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