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  phpMyAdmin จัดเป็น opensource ที่ release ถี่มากตัวหนึ่ง เข้าไปเว็บทีไร ไม่เคยผิดหวัง มี release ใหม่ออกมาตลอด  

วันนี้กำลังจะติดตั้ง phpMyAdmin ปัจจุบันเป็น version 2.11.0


Improvements: + [import] support handling of DELIMITER to mimic mysql CLI,
thanks to fb1
+ improved PHP 6 compatibility
+ [core] added PMA_fatalError() and made use of it
+ [doc] changed all documentation in
to phpDocumentor style
+ [data] support for CREATE VIEW from query results
+ [gui] dropped css/ folder and moved into root of PMA
+ [l10n] new: Sinhala, Macedonian
+ [export] YAML export (see, thanks to Bryce Thornton
+ [upload] moved file upload functionality into own class
+ [upload] make use of cfg['TempDir'] for file uploads
+ [server] improved display of binary logs
+ [data] better error handling in tbl_create.php
+ [routines] from Patch #1649881, thanks to Mike Beck
+ [querywindow] store sql history in session
+ [querywindow] sql history now without db too
+ [querywindow] tweaks in sql history view
+ [export] Native Excel (Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer) improvements,
thanks to Christian Schmidt
+ [doc] requirement of mcrypt on 64-bit, thanks to Isaac Bennetch
+ RFE #1435922 [gui] navigation frame shows listing of databases
when none selected
+ [data] support BIT datatype (under mysqli) ,
thanks to Christian Schmidt
+ [display] automatic confirmation for sort by key,
thanks to Juergen Wind
+ [data] can now choose the number of insert rows
+ RFE #1704779 [gui] link documentation from login page
+ RFE #1513345 [setup] check control user connection during setup
+ [structure] TRIGGERS: display/edit/drop/SQL export
+ [browse] store browse state in session per query
+ [gui] Insert/Edit: no longer display the Go button each 15 lines
but just at the end of a row
+ [gui] Query window: use verbose server name if any
+ [auth] patch #1712514 specify host for single signon,
thanks to Thierry
+ [gui] Navigator for the db list in the navigation panel
+ [gui] Navigator for the table list in the content panel
+ [display] Support for MySQL 5.0.37 profiling
+ RFE #1743983 [gui] Replace max_characters by a configurable param:
+ [display] patch #1749705, Allow multibyte characters in number
formatting, thanks to garas
+ [privileges] Support password hashing on the Edit Privileges

+ [gui] Export: Select All/Unselect All over the choices,

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phpMyAdmin จัดเป็น opensource ที่ release ถี่มากตัวหนึ่ง เข้าไปเว็บทีไร ไม่เคยผิดหวัง มี release ใหม่ออกมาตลอด


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