KM Singapore Experienced(5)

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KM Meeting in Indonesia

KM_Singapore Experienced 5/5:(From APO Meeting in Yogyakarta Dec 2005)

Mr.Praba Nair Director KDi Asia

KM  Status in Singapore Organisation (Conclusion)

  1. KM is no longer a new discipline. Majority of organisations have implemented KM programmes or in the process of setting up one.
  2. Organisations in advanced stage of KM development enjoy greater benefits and competitive advantage.
  3. Top management commitment to KM is crucial to increase competitiveness in organisations. Sustaining senior management’s interests in KM may become a challenge.
  4. Outcome measures are lacking in most organisations
  5. IT organisations need to see itself as the facilitator of KM as the next wave of applications by enabling knowledge discovery, capturing and sharing.

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