Asian Americans: Minority Model                Asian American can be expressed in different things to different people. At the basic level, an Asian American is an American who has descent from Asia. The term seems so open though that to make additional statement about an Asian American be confused. Within this racial grouping are many distinctions, like class, ethnicity, and place of origin, that be related and intersect as they define Asian American identity. The “Asian American” identity is a like a melting pot for people of Asian descent. As time goes by, increasingly ethnic identity, though still strong, is being subordinated to the pan-ethnic identification of “Asian American.”            For years, Asian Americans have been showed by the press and the media as a complete minority. Asian Americans are believed to benefit from surprising success in education, rising occupational status, high income, and are cared in mental, health, and crime. The idea of Asian Americans as a model minority has become the central theme in media picture of Asian Americans years ago. The word model minority is given to a minority group that displays middle group character, and makes some measure of achievement on its own without particular programs or benefit.           

            Although the average American may believe that unfairness among races is a thing of the past, the Asian American society believes differently. Asian Americans still think stereotyped and like sufferers of racial discrimination. They don’t like the generality Asian American offers, as they are all from dissimilar ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Some, such as Japanese and Vietnamese are usual enemies. The government does know this unfairness as the matter, which is why the President changed the order toward the Pacific people. This Order is to enlarge the participation of Asian Americans and the eastern people in national programs where they are now underserved. Though this plan was renewed, it is not enough to solve all problems directly.