How to read numbers, decimals, and fractions  

American English leaves the ‘and’ out.

1. Decimals

      Read decimals as the given number point XYZ

       2.36  =>   two point three six

2. Percentages

Read percentages as the number followed by ‘percent’

       37%  =>  thirty seven percent

3. Fractions
Read the top number as a cardinal number, followed by the ordinal number + ‘s’

        3/8  =>   three eighths

¼ =>one quarter 
2/3 => two thirds
½ one half


Here are the descriptive names of a number of important numerical expressions:

Speed 100 mph (miles per hour)
Weight 80 kg (kilograms) OR 42 lbs (pounds)
telephone number 0171 895 7056  
decimal .087    (point zero eight seven)
date 12/04/65   (The Twelveth of April  Nineteen Sixty Five)
percentage 75%     (Seventy Five Percent)
temperature 28° C (celsius) OR 72° F (fahrenheit)
height 1 m 89 cm       (One Metre and Eighty Nine Centimetres)
price $60          (Sixty dollars)
fraction 8/13         (Eight Thirteenth)