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Soon we will find out who is to lead Thailand to prosperity (or doom). This is our fate. Not by ‘the Stars’, not by random accidents in Nature, and not by our prayers, it's all our votes. We are to blame for what happens. If you are like me, we have been bombarded by messages and promises from our political ‘heroes’ who are willing to save Thailand (from what?). Perhaps, we will soon find who is really our hero!

Let's have a little [a]musing voting day.  I dug up something that may entertain and turn your ‘samadthi’ up - not to dwell on the ‘the past’ that you have 'already voted’ and the result is the counting – no longer in your hand to do anything to change the history.

hero [From English-Thai Lexitron Dictionary 2.0]
N. วีรบุรุษ syn:[cavalier; gallant; paladin] ant:[coward; dastard]
N. อาหารชนิดหนึ่งประกอบด้วยเนื้อ เนยแข็ง มะเขือเทศ หัวหอม และกะหล่ำปลี บนขนมปัง

hero [From WordNet (r) 1.7]
    n 1: a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and
         strength; "RAF pilots were the heroes of the Battle of
    2: the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
    3: someone who fights for a cause [syn: {champion}, {fighter},
    4: Greek mathematician and inventor who devised a way to
       determine the area of a triangle and who described various
       mechanical devices (first century) [syn: {Hero}, {Heron},
       {Hero of Alexandria}]
    5: (classical mythology) a being of great strength and courage
       celebrated for bold exploits; often the offspring of a
       mortal and a god
    6: (Greek mythology) priestess of Aphrodite who killed herself
       when her lover Leander drowned while trying to swim the
       Hellespont to see her [syn: {Hero}]
    7: a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise
       and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and
       lettuce and condiments); different names are used in
       different sections of the United States [syn: {bomber}, {grinder},
        {hero sandwich}, {hoagie}, {hoagy}, {Cuban sandwich}, {Italian
       sandwich}, {poor boy}, {sub}, {submarine}, {submarine
       sandwich}, {torpedo}, {wedge}, {zep}]

[*my note a 1-foot long sandwich is the main fast food on menu of "Subway" chain outlets.]

Out of my curiosity I looked up [Google Noto Color] Emoji fonts and found some food emojis: for examples 🍔️ 🥪️ 🌭️ 🥞️ 🌭️ 🌮️ 🌯️ (non of these is a ‘hero’ – as a submarine sandwich). There are more of course but the ‘absence of Thai food’ emojis prompts this post. 

Why don't we use emoji as another means to promote Thailand, Thai culture, Thai tradition, Thai …(soft power)?  Our [emoji] designers are as good as any one in the world. Our Unicode allotment still have a lot of gaps (unused slots see ) . 

Yes there should be discussions and consensus on what emojis we want to ‘let loose’ in the ‘www’, but there should be a time limit on how long we'll talk and a time for ‘action’ (lest we get nothing done). 

I propose that someone (a government office?) set aside a budget and arrange a public competition for Thai emojis. The referees should be selected from many sections of the community to ensure ‘more’ fair and equitable representations. After all we are projecting images of Thailand!

[Edited 14:11 14 May 2566 - to correct typing mistakes.     

Added 12/8/2566: คัด’อาหารถิ่น’จานเด็ดสะท้อนเอกลักษณ์ท้องถิ่น --and an ‘icon’ for each too ;-)]

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