"Thank you from a bottom of my mind"

This statement is for all of my beloved friends who living in Perth.

They have created an impressive and memorable party last night. My blue mind has been transforming into beautiful mind, and then I am working on my thesis with very mindful and motivational performance.

Sometimes, having leisure related social support changes your life satisfaction and well-being.

I was feeling upset with a bad situation on Friday such as working on many nonsense comments written through the thesis. Once, I have been thinking those comments derived from my supportive supervisor. I would have to change my mind in a positive way that she is sincerely helping and guiding me to improve a quality of the thesis. Working slowly and carefully comes to my thought, and this changes my emotional and hyperactive personality later.

Furthermore,  my beautiful mind was turning up while coming along the farewell party created by my friends. Having delicious meals and entertaining with friends are socially supporting my mind. Even this party was over I would keep it as a part of my life in experiencing such a warm and supportive group. "Good friends are never died when you are doing supportive events, with love, flexible thought  and positive mind."

PhD is not a Nobel prize for me, but having good friends is a precious thing for the rest of my life.