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A "saying" for us to think


   " Please write to me in English. I want to share with you "Ideas".

First, I would like to point out about the expansion of knowledge or understanding to everyone. As the Great phelosopher of China once said,"To know what you know, and to know what you do not know is knowledge" . As human, sometimes we are  "self centered," as we have acquired knowledge by learning about something. But as an educators or professionals, we need to understand and accept or to be open minded, that knowledge is progressive. We need to accept individually that,though we have learned a lot of things, but still our minds can only pathom a little of what is ahead of us. Especially, I would like to be specific to one of the present problem that Thai people are facing.

1.Culture/ language barrier 

      Some Thais' believed that if their young people or their youth would be able to speak the International language(English language), they will lost their culture, tradition and customs. Of course not all believe like these,but this kind of ideology have hinder the spread of English usage around Thailand. Some private schools are spending a lot of money, so that the student somehow will be able to learn the language. To be able to speak. But without the cooperation of every citizen, still these will be so hard to  realized. Remember the Song, "No Man Is An Island" ? "No man stands alone."  I am really convinced that if you really want progress, or we say more progress in our country, we need to be open minded with an open heart, you are changing for the better not for the worse. Am I right? If you are a Thai, and you're fluent in English still you are Thai. Your knowledge did not change your blood and your color. Deep inside yourself still you are a pure Thai. For me I am proud of who I am but even I speak a lot of languages it doesn't change me of who I am. But I'm happy because I can work anywhere, in my country, or in any country when there are oppurtunities. The only reason? I speak the International language, and that is English. One more last thought before I close these letter, I want to share with you the saying that says, " oppurtunity may knock only ones'  If you missed, it may not come again".


sincerely yours,




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So do I ,English sounds very much important for all the people around the world. But it's quite hard to study further in the land that we don't hear the sound of English. The first example in Thailand

we've found someone can speak English fluently.

and I ask if he or she has studied It here in Thailand. The answer is No! The people love to learn it's because they need to learn, And in the other hand we have to understand with some don't need to learn it.

One reason 's up to the opportunity which we thai people or students going abroad is very little

I my self love to learn but I've got the big problem to memorize the vocabularies

Thank you so much for joining us . always wait for other ideas. It’s quite good to learn English from your block.



        I glade to share with you ideas but I have got to big problem to write sentence.


Thank you for an interesting piece of reading.  I am quite surprised to hear that you found such a belief common enough to raise it as your #1 concern.

Yes, I have come across some of these people you talked about and I think your point of view is indeed valid. 

However, I think the issues we need to attack are to do more with those who want to be able to speak English but just can't do it well enough. And I personally think that part of the problem are:

  1. Usually we start too late. It's quite difficult to develop muscles around your mouth and to train your tongue (literally) to pronouce words correctly when you are older.
  2. It used to be so rare to have the opportunity learning with those who speak good English (such as a foreign teacher like yourself). Thais usually learn English from Thai teachers who are not nescessarily be a good model. I myself find learning by examples and being in the context of acutally using it work best. Not all schools in Thailand have that luxury. 
  3. As with all languages, we need to use it or else you'll forget. We need to practise to sustain what we have learned.  Listening to music, watching TV, and going to movies do help the listening skill while reading papers or surfing internet help with the reading part. But it's the speaking part that is the most problematic for the Thais (of course writing too).

Anyway, I am just babbling. : )

Welcome to gotoknow community! 

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Thank you so much for all your comments about my write ups. I'm so happy that we can share things and give ideas for the common good of everyone. By the way, I would like to say sorry about a few scribal error due to rush day I had that time.

 Thank you so much for your kind consideration. Till next time around.


God bless you all,


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I know English is very important now.But  the children  who don't live in the city. They don't know how important it is . And they don't have opportunity to use it.

Give them, the students, an English-atmosphere. Let them speak 'only' English during that period 'everyday'.

At least they can practice, even within a limited time...

 Help them speak!!