A Rendezvous with Minds

A Rendezvous with Minds

It is a moonless night, so stars twinkle bright
Lonely, cold and silent, so lovers shiver in flight
Angry winds sweep over darkness, so grasses hiss and wave
Oh what attraction, so strong, holding on - a subdued slave?

It is a night, in fact, in a shadow of the Sun so bright
A time, in eons, with candles, now neons, lit in fright
Greenhouse gases bellow and sweep over lands - fueling a rave
Oh what attraction, so loving, holding on - hoping to save?

Like pebbles in skies, grains of sand on beaches, and mass of life
Numerous, countless, not-finite, like universes, all twinkle light
Never lonely, never cold, nor silent, entropy releasing day and night
Oh what attraction, so eternal, churning over, with all in strife?

It is fear, anxiety, including guilt, so deeply hurt with disappointment
Self-doubt, not-worthy and shame, so boring in sorry embodiment
Green with envy, burning wishes as energy, this time - no more flee
Oh what attraction, who cares? Look now - We are free!

SR 2016
(One of the worst poems written this year.)

[This is “Black-hole-2” cut and colourized from a picture of spent flowers in a water bucket.

The flowers have done their duties and now they are supposed to be free.

But trapped in a bucket, sigh, that is their destiny.]

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เพราะดีนะเจ้าคะ..หากเข้าใจ...."ันัดพบกับใจ ที่ สงบ"..ได้เมื่อไร..

Dear GD : Thank you. You are really too kind. I feel better with what I wrote now ;-)

Dear ยายธี : I had a much more confused minds (cittas and cetasikas) rising and falling in me when I was writing that. It was a journey through cetasikas and resultant emotions (hormonal changes?) After a while of argueing internally, emerged a resolution - in one word is "free" - in another word "flee" (from conflicts)! So, the poem ends with a dual edge - (actually 'a blur') ;-)

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