At Home in Spring (2)

Fire, Love, Rain, and War

Spring time is when live is full of fire. When flowers bloom. When love dances in the air. And when wars for love and rights to survive into next generations rage over Dreamland. An Illawara flamel tree, a native Australian, in our back yard puts on a flower show (below) that contrasts the bare neceassity of a power pole (on left) that brings electricity to our home.

It is now late Spring (of 2015), rains have come, but wars for reproduction are not over. A selfie of Yoyo ( our resident sulphur crest cockatoo - below) among his rivals (for food).

Back to the famous Jacaranda (ศรีตรัง) tree that has for many years delighted our friends and visitors with a purple carpet and a surreal dream of walking on flowers. The tree does not disappoint.

We don't know the name of these green flowers (fallen off a 2-3 m tall trees). Perhaps someone can help ;-)

This Spring, we still have refugees coming from deeper and dryer inlands. It seems that droughts are still gripping many areas. Rains still miss where they are needed desperately. But this is life! There are always struggles and wars for the rights to live on. Flowers are plants' weapons. Flowers are really weapons for mass attractions.

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I love beautiful Jacaranda.

In your picture , these flowers look like แคป่า but I am not sure.


แคป่าบ้านเรา..ชาว.กระเหรี่ยงบอกว่า ต้มจิ้มน้ำพริก..กินอร่อย...เจ้าค่ะ..

เรียนการใช้ภาษาอังกฤษค่ะ ขอบคุณค่ะ I love spring time too.

A firewheel tree puts on a flower show (above ) that...

Spring time is when life is full of fire. When flowers bloom. When...... and when.....

..... The tree does not disappoint.

Rains still miss where they are needed desperately.

Thank you ขจิต ฝอยทอง and ยายธี for the clue to name of แคป่า. I looked a few webpages : says

Dolichandrone spathacea, also known as the Mangrove trumpet tree (Thai: แคป่า; Tagalog: tui, tue or tuy) is a species of plant in the Bignoniaceae family. It is found from South India, Sri Lanka to New Caledonia. The flower is edible and it is part of Thai cuisine, usually eaten sauteed (pickled in brine) or in Kaeng som(แกงส้ม).

But when I compare leaves I don't think my tree is แคป่า. (Picture below shows flower bases after the petals have fallen off. Tree trunk has grey bark, leaves are compound 3-5 leaflets with 1 lancet shaped at end; I haven't tasted the flowers yet ;-); are they bitter?)

I hope I have not twisted words too far for you GD. In my relaxed mood I am known to spin yarns (tell long and convoluted stories). But most times I tell true stories with my peculiar filters and my way of seeing the world ;-)

น่าจะไม่ใช่แคนา (หรือแคป่า) นะคะ เพราะแคนาจะมีก้านดอกยาวกว่า

ดอกแคนาที่บ้านค่ะ ออกดอกเต็มต้นกลางคืน ร่วงตอนเช้า กลิ่นหอมเย็นชื่นใจมาก

Thank you nui: I am out of luck with that tree's name -- and you confirmed it. So, I have to leave it stuck on my billboard longer. I have written to botanical gardens and yet to recieve their formal replies.

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