How can we improve our English?

As i am trying my best to practice my English skills, i come to the conclusion that i have to use English as much as possible. i am i - san guy by birth. My  English background is somewhat common. i have no chance going abroad. what i have done is keep reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The first thing and most important is that i myself give opportunity to learn English without being ashame of doing something wrong. In short, i treat human error as common thing one could do. i open up my mind to learn and at the same time to share with others. Anyway, English is a skill subject. This means that  we have to keep practicing. The greatest motto for this is " practice makes perfect." Do you have any suggestions to improve our English? pls feel free to share. Do hope to hear from you all.

                               Majoring in English ( I - San region)  

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